Fridays at 1:30


Title: "High sensitivity atomic magnetometers: principles and applications"


coffee.pngSpeaker:  Dr. Thomas W. Kornack from Twinleaf LLC.



Time and Date: 2:00 PM, Friday, Feb 6


Place: Theory Seminar Room



High sensitivity atomic magnetometers: principles and applications


Magnetic fields can be accurately measured by monitoring the precession of an ensemble of atomic spins. Unprecedented magnetic sensitivity has been achieved thanks to recent progress in the fundamental understanding of the atomic physics. In this talk, I will describe how atomic magnetometers work and explain the discoveries that enabled the development of the world's most sensitive magnetometers. I will also discuss how this sensor technology is being commercialized for use in a wide variety of exciting applications, including brain activity imaging, extra-low frequency (ELF) communications, nitrogen NQR detection, plate tectonics reconstruction, earthquake and volcanic eruption prediction, space and satellite measurements, space-based kHz-band radio telescopes, ionospheric fluctuations research, and magnetic surveys for geology, archeology, unexploded ordnance, and mineral and petroleum prospecting.